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Roasting Rabbi Coffee

 Releasing the Holy Spark in Each Bean!


A coffee roasting company that inspires holy elevation in each batch to be shared on special days and in everyday life.

One should never have to sacrifice taste or values. Our philosophy is built into every varietal we roast. We believe great coffee and great people go together. We value people to people partnerships and building a world of justice. Therefore, a percentage of profits will be donated to grassroots peace efforts. 

Our special 12 ounce bags have a one-way valve preserving freshness to ensure your coffee is as good as the day it was carefully roasted. Our coffees are never flavored although we note the "hints" of flavors in a way similar to the way in which wine is described. 

About the Roasting Rabbi


Roasting Rabbi founder, Rabbi Micah Becker-Klein, has been studying Jewish attitudes to food and diet as well as artisanal Kosher food since 2000.

Since then, he has worked, taught, and published articles on contemporary approaches to sustainable food sources, hands-on cooking experiences, kosher slaughter, and agricultural and farming practices in combination with Jewish values. As a mashgiach ("kosher certifier"), he has been active “on the farm” as well as supporting the Kosher food approaches and education to various organizations.


Having visited coffee farms in Costa Rica and Tanzania, Micah began to listen to the stories of the people who worked, loved and shared in the process of creating great farms and cooperative coffees.

But not all fairly traded and organic coffees tasted good. Through these methods, Micah was still disappointed to find lower quality coffee on the market. He was inspired to begin to roast coffee on his own with help from niche taste buds among colleagues and friends in interfaith, international, and various religious settings.

As the news began to brew and the story began to percolate, Roasting Rabbi Coffee was born.


Seeking to connect the farmers and workers to the processing, importing, and finally to roasting, Micah studied ways to create flavor profiles and roasting approaches to elevate the potential in each bean. Along the way, he learned of the history of coffee consumption as it made its way to the western world in the 15th century.

Through all walks of life and a variety of religious approaches—including Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, Unitarian, and Hindu—Micah believes that a good cup of coffee can help bring people closer together to share their ideas, concerns, and to find love together.


Coffee is a great way to create community, heighten learning and spirit, and create community conversations that connect people with whom we share this world. From farmer to processor to roaster to your cup—Micah understands the interconnectivity and potential to work to a higher level with Roasting Rabbi Coffee.

Try a sample today, and find out what is amazing about small batch roasted coffee.

Organic, fairly traded, kosher, and blessed!

Who's blessing your cup?

We roast small batches of coffee, carefully selected for quality and taste. Organic and fairly traded, from farm to roast, we seek to release the potential holy spark in each bean. Creating excellent, fresh roasted, and tasty coffee for your cup! 

We believe great coffee and great people go together.


Roasting Rabbi Coffee

LIGHT  *  LIGHT MEDIUM (Full City)  *  MEDIUM (Full City Plus)   

Selected from cooperative farms and fair trade associations, we source our green beans primarily from Central America, South America, Indonesia, India, and Africa.

By carefully tending to each batch, each variety is roasted to its flavor potential. 

From farmer to processor to roaster to your cup- we understand the interconnectivity and potential to work to a higher level with Roasting Rabbi Coffee.  Contact us directly to set up your personal preferred coffees and roast profile! 

We value people to people relationships and building a world of justice ...                                          ... one blessed cup at a time.


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