Colombia Decaffeinated, Huila Region

Colombia Decaffeinated, Huila Region

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For many years, Colombia was the number-one world producer of washed coffees and the second-largest producer overall to Brazil. Today they are currently in the top five countries of coffee production. Colombian farmers and citizens alike drink a lot of coffee every day; nearly 20% of their annual production. Colombia has over 600,000 farms, most of them farmed by small landholders with less than 5 acres nestled in the hills at roughly 1,200 to 2,000 meters above sea level. Colombian Coffees are commonly known to be big, rich, chocolaty coffees with exceptional fragrance and often great acidity. Colombia has many diverse growing regions, so the coffee varies wildly from region to region.

We love the flavor of this coffee. We taste hints of tropical fruit, vanilla, and caramel.

Single origin..."You will not believe this is decaf."

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Sugar Cane (E.A.) processed decaf. Full coffee flavor. You will not believe this is decaf!

From a farming collective and hand selected beans.